"Give Yourself a Raise!" Scholarship fund

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"Wealth is a Rainbow. Money is a Color."

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The tuition for "Give Yourself a Raise" is now merely $88 per person.  It's an incredible bargain for many people, yet expensive for others. Your generous charitable donation will give people the tools they need to live a healthier, more creative and loving life!

We will match your contribution to double your impact!

Donate $1,000 - 25 students will receive full scholarship

Donate $3,000 - 80 students will receive full scholarship

Donate $7,500 - 200 students will receive full scholarship 

praise from those who know  

 "Give Yourself a Raise" offers simple and healthy practices from which everyone can benefit.  It is well worth your time and money”.  Bill Manahan, MD

"As a practicing psychotherapist and a graduate teacher in a transpersonal counseling program, I do my best to help people release trauma and live a happy life. "Give Yourself a Raise!" is a course that offers so many effective, easy-to-use practical tools for your happiness.  And Stu presents the content in such an engaging and loving way... making the process of transformation fun and delightful!"  Fran Wickner, PhD

"What a true delight and joy to watch the replay of your webinar. I found it genuinely transformative, impactful, entertaining and enJOYable."  Will Pye, Spiritual Teacher, Author "Blessed with a Brain Tumor"

"Just the first 3 suggestions you made will change my life for the better. I've struggled with loving myself for most of my life, and after the 3 exercises...I can just be happy with myself!"  - Francesca T.


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