with Stu Zimmerman

“We live in worlds our questions create.”  

Our Question: “How can we best serve a golden era of peace, playfulness and love for all humanity?”
One Answer…

RESET with Stu Zimmerman:

RESET with Stu Zimmerman is a bold video podcast (vodcast) interview series that explores the practical potential for a new golden era of humanity - with people whose vocation or avocation raises the quality of life on this planet. Informative… Entertaining… Inspirational… Practical

The unique hallmark of this vodcast is the envisioning of a golden era for humanity through a RESET of the past and present… including all the social, economic, political, etc. structures to support such a vision. With a “clean slate”, we go on a journey with our guest describing numerous aspects of their ideal world – concluding with a grounded call to action - bringing that potential reality into greater presence and one step closer to potentiality.

WHY IS RESET NEEDED?  By many measures, the world is more divisive today than ever. Economic, geo-political, technological and environmental influences instill a deeper sense of fear, isolation and stress… including greater separation between haves and have-nots. As a result, not only can individual life be a deep burden, but the course of all humanity is at great peril. In the spirit of Einstein, we need new ways of being that uplifts humanity rather than the separatist thinking and doing that imperils us.  RESET inspires these new ways of being, both as an energetic presence and through a practical call to action.

Every episode features:

ü “A Bowl of Stu” – a brief monologue and hearty appetizer setting the tone for the ensuing interview. 

ü The interview - explores the guest’s humanitarian efforts to date, epiphanies, impact.

ü The RESET - reveals their greatest vision for the world, its look and feel, inducing inspiration and a juicy state of presence you can feel in your bones

ü The “Timeless Minute” – a call to action that grounds the RESET one step closer into a sustainable living reality.


“Tap Your Inner Da Vinci!”: RESET with Michael Gelb

Innovation Coach and Author ("Think Like Leonardo da Vinci", "Innovate Like Edison") Michael Gelb distills his insights into creativity to RESET us up for for greater fulfillment in every aspect of life. A New Age of Enlightenment is at hand! Learn more at
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Kim Leemans


“Manifestation & Mindset": RESET with Adam Hall

Inspirational Speaker and Author ("Earthkeepers"), Adam Hall shares his insights how to channel your innermost desires and ideals into your outer reality. About Adam

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Falk Hentschel