Sowmya has designed a career in the high tech industry, bringing disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and now AI software to the market to large enterprise businesses. Currently, she is the Chief Customer Officer for Seven Lakes Technologies, a company that has created the only AI-based pump by exception software for the oil and gas sector. This Software helps companies to get ahead of events in the field, while retaining the expertise of workers. Sowmya recently has combined three her life passions - sacred retreats, authorship, and women’s empowerment. She is launching her first Chief Makers Retreat, designed to help executive women author their original content in a sacred collective. Any given week you’ll find Sowmya coaching her team, collaborating on customer challenges, going on a hike, chanting songs, writing poetry, drinking tea with loved ones, laughing unabashedly, and generally ensconced in a life in flow.


Stu Zimmerman