Alexa Eden is an Urban Wellness Consultant and Conscious Entrepreneur based out of New York City. Founder of A.Eden Enterprises, Alexa Eden is a strategic-minded creative producing revolutionary movements, events, and conversations to help the modern mind

#strikeabalance between technology and slow living.

As an activist, Alexa Eden discusses the importance of wellbeing -- social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual -- as being the most important, and cutting edge tool in defining our future alongside ever advancing technologies.

She believes that in order to evolve powerfully in the digital age, human beings have a responsibility to activate their human toolkit, in order to better use, design, and dictate the the future of our existence.

Alexa Eden is a bold leader spearheading human optimization as the most powerful and reliable source to living lives of peace, presence and power.


To learn more, find Alexa Eden Online :

Instagram : @alexa.eden

Linkedin : /asokol1

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