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Welcome to the “Timeless Minute” – a video series call to action we all get to create that transports us into such an eternal state of wonder.

With time seemingly moving faster… … what do you do to slow down and appreciate the moment?

Whatever you do to access that timeless state of peace, joy, harmony… awareness… please take this opportunity to share your process with the world!


Sucking the marrow out of each bite at dinner
Focusing on the nuanced colorations of a flower
Hugging someone you’ve never hugged before (with permission, natch)
Speaking only in present tenses for a day
Being silent for a day
You can be funny, serious… or both! (As long as your contribution is no more than 50 seconds!)  Be creative!

Recording Guidelines:
ü  Cell phone cameras are good!
ü  Speak like you are speaking to one person.  That way you’ll sound approachable.  And speak slowly and clearly.
ü  Have the light source behind the phone, not behind you.  (Too much backlight will have you look like a silhouette.)
ü  Keep the phone stable while recording. (Selfies are best done with a selfie stick or phone mount/tripod.)
ü  Be in a quiet place away from background noise.  Use a microphone if you can.  (The Audio-Technica ATR-33501S is a good omni-directional lavalier mic, approx. $30)
ü  Pick a simple, neutral backdrop.  In nature is good.
ü  Please record in landscape mode (phone is horizontal), not portrait.
ü  Keep your video to 50 seconds in duration.  We have an intro and outro that we’ll add to your video. We need to keep it under 60 seconds to post on Instagram. (And that’s what makes it both “Timeless” and a “Minute”!)

And simply upload your video to your Google Drive and share it with Stu@onlythesource.com. When we’re ready to post it for the world, we’ll email you to add your name, title, website to the video.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to the “Timeless Minute”! The world needs you!