21 Day challenge

Beweaving! in a Beautiful World
Embrace the New Year with Deeper Connection

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What is Beweaving?

Beweaving: a unified state of being in which one cannot readily discern where one ends and another begins.


What is the challenge?

You want to create a world that is more loving?
We do too… and it can be a real challenge… right?
So… let’s accept the challenge together!
And embrace a new era of loving connection together. When we “beweave” it, we achieve it!
#Beweaving I #21daychallenge

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“Beweave it… ”

Separation is the ultimate illusion. We can feel the truth and beauty of our interconnection with simple exercises. Join us in the challenge and feel the beauty of your timeless connections. Make a video of you “Beweaving” and send it in so we can share it with each other.  

When we “beweave” it…

What You do next

Starting December 21, 2018 (or now, as the case may be)…

Share your light through loving connection with another (see videos for some examples)…

Make a video of your “Beweaving” together… Share video on FB and Instagram using #beweaving | #21daychallenge

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Slow down from the hustle and bustle to truly drop in with another being. Going into deep connection is delicious and profoundly real, even if we can see our energies co-mingle… we can feel it! Experience is believing… and #beweaving.

we achieve it!